Géronimo !

Aux armes, citoyens du France! The Daleks (and the Weeping Angels, the Silurians, the Dream Lord, the Atraxi, etc.) are crossing the English Channel to invade France 4!

In other words, French Whovians will finally get to see Series 5/Season 31!

Most of us are probably envious of the French right now, because we know they’re in for quite a treat.  This fifth season of “la plus culte des séries britanniques” will introduce the concepts of cool bow ties, fezzes, and green sonic screwdrivers to all the friendly fellas et femmes in France!  In celebration of France 4’s acquisition of Series 5, let’s learn how to say some key Doctor Who terms in French, courtesy of this announcement

  • Géronimo: Geronimo
  • Le onzième docteur: Eleventh Doctor
  • Nouvelle compagne: New companion
  • Seigneur du temps: Time Lord
  • Doctor Who: Doctor Who

It’s also worth noting that while we often hear Amy, in English, described as a bit nuts, the aforementioned promo article calls her “flamboyante.”  A much more flamboyant description if we do say so ourselves.

Doctor Who’s Series 5 France 4 premiere is Saturday, 12 February, at 8:35 PM.  If you’re French and can’t understand any of this, we’ll copy and paste a similar statement from AlloCiné below:

Coup d’envoi des nouvelles aventures intergalactiques du Seigneur du temps le samedi 12 février à 20h35 … Rendez-vous sur France 4 !

And just so you can see how much promotion is going into the new fun of Doctor Who on France 4, a trailer featuring the faces of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan!

Here’s a quick translation of what they’re saying:

“- Hi, I’m Matt Smith, I’m the new Doctor!
– Hi everyone, I’m Karen Gillan!
– New Time Lord, new series
– Doctor Who is coming
– exlusively on France 4”

(Big thanks once again to Aurélie!)

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