Get Your Hands on Captain Jack’s Bust!

Hmm… no.  The title doesn’t have the same ring to it as the previous article with Amy, does it?  Unless you’re a lady, or you just like that sort of thing.

Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness bust from Forbidden PlanetAnyway, step aside Eleventh-Doctor-with-sonic-screwdriver and Amy-with… er… hands, there’s a new Jack in town.  Specifically, Captain Jack.  More specifically, the Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood.  Any references to pirates or Johnny Depp will henceforth be severely punished.

With this convenient 8-inch-tall sculpture of the top half of our immortal hero’s body from Titan Merchandise displayed prominently in the entrance to your home, your honoured guests will be greeted by John Barrowman threatening to put a hole in their brains.  This superbly-detailed polystone statuette captures everything you ever wanted in good ol’ Jack Harkness – gun (revolver), guns (big manly arms), and a trademark overcoat to hide both the gun and the guns in.

This baby’s even got a supplier code of DWB-JBCJ-001, which probably stands for Doctor Who Bust – John Barrowman Captain Jack – Better Than 007.  How is that relevant?  It absolutely isn’t, but at least now you know we’re skilled at deciphering acronyms!

The RRP of the Captain Jack Harkness maxi-bust is £59.99, but pre-order now and have it sent to you for just £49.99!  If you want to do so, or if you just want a multi-angle gallery of this piece to get you in the mood for this summer’s Torchwood: Miracle Day, head over to Forbidden Planet!

Patrick Riley


Patrick has just been murdered and is currently seated on the edge of a lawn chair wondering when this Missy person will stop demanding his autograph. He probably can't tweet from the grave, but you should follow him anyway @10PatrickRiley.

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