Go for a Ride-In a Dalek

Back in 2005, did you ever imagine that with a new Doctor Who series we would see such insane merchandise as this?

Claims that the New Paradigm Daleks (from Mark Gatiss’ Victory of the Daleks) were merely redesigned to allow renewed merchandise licencing were quickly rebuffed by BBC Worldwide in 2010 – I wonder exactly how much heat their hands are generating as they’re rubbed together with glee over this lot?

Dressing up as a Dalek is nothing new – children have been donning PVC playsuits since the 1960s and the recent “Time War Dalek” costumes for little ones have proved very popular indeed.

But is the design and manufacture of what is pretty much an actual Mark III travel machine a step too far? Or is it just the use of the “Teletubbie Daleks” (looking more Teletubbie than ever with those little port holes in the “skirt”) that makes the attached images look so heinous?

Produced by Zappies – who are understandably opening a Swiss bank account proud to be exclusively distributing the world’s first ride-in Dalek toy – they describe these Daleks as “collectable, fully functional”. Certainly these machines are powered by a 6v battery and stand at 128cm tall (around 50 inches), and even feature 360 degree steering with lights and 10 Dalek sounds.

But collectable? While  fully licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited, these Rise-In Daleks – set to be launched this month (25-27 January) at the Olympia Toy Fair, are certainly different and also have the disadvantage of looking as if they’re inflatable. However I would be very surprised indeed to find anyone recalling these devices with fondness in 30 years time and them reaching any more than a future equivalent of todays (so far unannounced) price.

Ultimately, however, I suppose that as a terrible pedant, I’m unwilling to trust a company whose press release writer can’t handle basic grammar and spelling (“BBC Worlwide”, “fuctional“? Really?)…

(Thanks to Bionic_Tangfastic in the Kasterborous Doctor Who Forum)


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