Lis Sladen’s Autobiography Coming Soon

Who's That Girl? The Autobiography of Elisabeth SladenWith appearances alongside the Doctors of Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, David Tennant, and Matt Smith, and a TV show of her own, Elisabeth Sladen is famous for portraying one of the most recognizable Doctor Who companions of all time, Sarah Jane Smith.  And now she’s written all about it in a book.

Who’s That Girl? Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography by Elisabeth Sladen (wow, who knew?) is coming soon to a bookstore near you (if you’re in the UK).

“When Elisabeth Sladen debuted as journalist Sarah Jane Smith in the Doctor Who story The Time Warrior, she had no idea the character would become one of the most enduring and popular in the series’ history. The coming years would see Elisabeth traverse time and space alongside classic doctors Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, whilst a generation of children crouched behind the sofa, terrified but transfixed as their tea-time heroine found herself menaced by Daleks, dinosaurs, Cybermen, Sontarans, Egyptian mummies and even the Loch Ness Monster.”

At 320 pages, this hardcover book should be packed with all sorts of trivia about what it was like portraying the first brunette companion since the switch to colour and might even have a few stories from the set of The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Regardless of what’s in it, Who’s That Girl? will be released by Aurum Press on April 25th and may be yours for a mere £16.99 – or a bit less if you buy from Amazon…

(via Gallifrey News Base)

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