Make Your Door a TARDIS!

How many times have you stared at the entrance to your bedroom and thought, “This should be a little more TARDISy”?  As Kasterborites, most of us do that all the time, so naturally when we stumbled upon this product our reaction was akin to squealing piglets with deep male voices.

A think tank of geniuses has thought up that thing you see in the picture – no, not the T-Rex skull, which is pretty cool as well, but the TARDIS.  Except the TARDIS isn’t just any TARDIS.  It’s a door.  But it’s not just any door.  It’s a TARDIS.

The new $350 (about £226) 3D TARDIS door cover from Fantasy Factory can convert any old and unloved door in your house with the correct proportions into a time-and-space machine with which you can take an unlimited number of trips to that moon that’s made of fake honey and is a bit carnivorous!

If you’re not in the mood for a TARDIS (although why wouldn’t you be?), Fantasy Factory has a variety of door covers to choose from, including Star Wars and Star Trek options.  All of these skins, according to their creators, are “easy to install” and “easy to change” which seems to translate to mean “easy to remove” in case Michael Grade shows up at your house planning to give you a million pounds.  Although, even if he’s that generous, it simply wouldn’t be Whovian of you to not slam your new TARDIS door in his face.

Fantasy Factory is offering a special discount for Kasterborous readers!  If you mention this site when you place your order for a TARDIS, they’ll take $100 (£65) off the price and sell it to you for a mere $250 (£161)!

The shipping fee in the United States is $100.  If you’re in the UK, or anywhere else overseas, Fantasy Factory will need your address to estimate the shipping.  Talk to Steve at the Fantasy Factory contact page for a shipping estimate.

We’ll be posting a full review of the TARDIS door cover shortly with details on which doors it’s suited for and the installation process.  Stay tuned!

Patrick Riley


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