Moffat Talks Fans

Steven Moffat recently had a word with The Guardian, who seems to have named him a “critic’s choice,” about what it’s like being a head writer/executive producer of two massive hit TV dramas – Doctor Who and Sherlock.  Apparently the man isn’t feeling any pressure about one-upping what’s previously aired on either series.

“Pressure is when everyone hates the show and you still have to write the second series!”

Of course, most of us visiting this here web page happen to love Doctor Who so much that we’re practically dating the show, so there’s no hate coming from us.  And it’s the excited buzzing from us fans that, according to Moffat, is “entirely impossible” to get away from.

“But it’s not inhibiting at all – I love Doctor Who, so I love writing it.  You are aware at times of the importance of Doctor Who to the BBC, but the remarkable thing about the audience isn’t so much its size, which of course is considerable, but the passion of the fans.”

And who wouldn’t be proud of running a show that receives such passion?  To Moffat, the greatest compliment he can get while working on Who (or even Sherlock),

“…is if I mention the show to someone and their face lights up and all they can talk about is how much they adore it.”

May we never forget, should the show be cancelled again someday (not happening), that it’s this adoration that resurrected Doctor Who in the first place.

Patrick Riley


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