Smith on Gillan’s Future

Rogers and Hammerstein, Laurel and Hardy, Bulk and Skull – these are the partnerships that last through the ages. But what happens when one decides to split the pair up, what irrevocable force could tear, say, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, apart?

More to the point, which one is Simon and which is Garfunkel? Who’ll carry on being held in a high regard by the public for new successes rather than old memories?

Its a question that has dogged the Doctor since The Sun ran a piece suggesting that Amy Pond would meet her Waterloo half way through the new series- and now Matt Smith, in a recent interview with The Big Issue is facing the publics fear that having too much of a good thing really is too much.

Smith, under the watchful eye of the BBC’s Press Office Terror-hawk, so far has yet to dispel fans worries for Amy’s life:

“If I told you, I’d have to come and kill you and I don’t want to kill you.”

Adding to that sense of unease, Smith also spoke of how well he thinks Gillan will do after Doctor Who:

“I think she’s going to go on to do great things, not only in this show but I think subsequently she’ll go on and have a very interesting career because I think she’s brilliant, I really do.”

So, is Smith just being affectionate towards his partner in crime, or is this indeed the end of Miss Pond? Losing such a great companion would be a heavy blow to what was starting to look like a great pairing but, oh, that old teasing Moffat! He must be cackling with joy as he twists fans and journo’s alike in his TARDIS shaped Mangle.

The question might not be will she go but how could Moffat miss an opportunity not to make us believe she would, then invent something truely amazing to win us back?

In Moffat We Trust…

(via The Big Issue)


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