Soap Doctor?

Cor blimey! Whatcha! Ere, what’s going on? Spoilers, that’s what, people, bizarre, strange spoilers. Or not. We don’t know…

Lucky I have this handy soap-opera-themed issue of Doctor Who Magazine next to my chair, so I can learn all about this strange programme you Brits call EastEnders!

Now, honestly, I don’t know much about soap operas, even the American ones, but I think I’m familiar with them enough to know that a TARDIS on the set of a soap – such as the Turpin Road one there snapped on a real-time webcam yesterday – is a bit out of the ordinary.

A TARDIS on an EastEnders back lot?

What could this mean?  Will there be a Doctor Who/EastEnders crossover?  Undoubtedly it would make EastEnders better… but at the same time it would probably make Doctor Who a lot worse.  Is this all just one great big Doctor Who Magazine conspiracy?

As I write this, it’s 11 PM by my American clock, which makes it 5 in the morning in Britain.  Every time I hit refresh at the webcam page, the image seems just a tad brighter, but there’s no sign of the TARDIS.  Will it be returned to the set today?  We’ll have to keep an eye out!

To see the mythical image itself, scroll down, down, deeper and down…

(Thanks to bionic_tangfastic of the Kasterborous forum!)

Doctor Who in EastEnders? TARDIS in Albert Square?

Patrick Riley


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