Soapy Spoilers (Sorta…)

Editor’s note: Okay people – here’s one of those articles that you might not want to read. Containing potential spoilers or absolute bobbins depending on what you want to believe, let’s just say that the contents have been hidden for safety but the whole thing might just be a rehash of last year’s Amy’s Choice rumours…

Rumours have recently been unleashed regarding one known as Amy Pond… and let’s just say that if they’re true then Karen Gillan may be getting her baby bump back on during filming of future episodes.

I’ll write “if they’re true” one more time in bold letters: If they’re true.

Know what this means?  You guessed it!  Our archnemesis, the Unified Intelligence Tabloid, is back!  This time, however, the story’s coming not from the Sun, but from the Daily Star.

To sum up what they’re reporting, Amy will fall pregnant and be thrilled about it.   She’ll tell Rory the good news and he’ll be not-so-pleased, and question whether or not he’s the father as he eyes the Doctor suspiciously.  Naturally the Doctor will vocally reject the notion that he’s Dad, but it won’t be enough to convince Rory and it will be enough to trigger a dramatic story arc that sounds a lot like an episode of EastEnders.

It doesn’t stop there – the report claims other potential fathers will be thrown in the mix as well.  Remember Vincent Van Gogh?  His name will surface, but he’s nuthin’.  How about a Dalek?  Or even a Cyberman?  I’m not relying on sarcasm for once… this is what the Daily Star is actually reporting!

Could the Cyber-head from The Pandorica Opens have “assimilated” Amy after all?

If this soap-screaming storyline is actually in development, it could be an explanation for a recent TARDIS sighting that has been dismissed as being something to do with National Television Award presenter Dermot O’Leary.  Perhaps he’s just the cover story.  Perhaps there’s something more.

But probably not.  Considering that the source of this “Amy pregnant” rumour is a media organization designed to write absolutely anything regardless of truth for the sake of acquiring readers, I’m willing to bet money that at least 80 percent of this story is false.  It actually wouldn’t be surprising to see Amy pregnant, but a dramatic plot about the identity of the father?  This is Doctor Who.  A family show focused on travelling to the past, the future, and the stars.  Not on potentially-cheating wives.

However, if the tabloids actually got something right for once, then Doctor Who Magazine is correct as well – our favourite show is in fact a long-lived soap opera.

Patrick Riley


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