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You’ve watched him drive like mad, had numerous drunken conversations with your mates at the pub trying to guess who he is, and now you can hear him sing!  That’s right; new from the BBC and audio company Speakal – an MP3 speaker in the shape of the Stig’s helmet!

Oh, right… this is a Doctor Who site, not TopGearborous.  Well, we suppose we can keep shouting at you because the Beeb and Speakal have plans to unleash a TARDIS speaker to the public as well.  That’s right!  The blue thing you see on the right hand side of the picture is not the wibbly-wobbly time travel device it looks like, but a handy tool to bring to a dance party!

This TARDIS is designed for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  Unlike the Stig on the left, which, as the image depicts, connects directly to the player, the TARDIS manipulates vortex energy to forge a psychic connection with your device, eliminating the need for the two objects to touch.  The layman would call it Bluetooth, but we Whovians know the universe is much more complicated than that.

Speakal CEO David Solomon:

Top Gear and Doctor Who have some of the most die hard fans of any program in the world.  We’re proud to offer their fan base these unique and lifelike replicas of their favourite BBC icons.”

You know what would be really unique and lifelike, Speakal?  Introduce a full TARDIS surround system!  The Doctor’s Mark I Type 40 can be the subwoofer, assisted by the Master’s TARDIS, the Rani’s TARDIS, and the TARDIS from the roof of Craig Owens’ flat as speakers placed in strategic areas around the room!

At the time of writing there is no word on the release date or price of Speakal’s TARDIS speaker.  The Kasterborous brand TARDIS Surround System, if it were ever to exist, would be only £12.

(Note to self – write an article listing all the TARDIS-related merchandise you can think of before you lose track of it all!)


Further information has been revealed about this device, with Engadget providing a nice gallery of images of the prototype. (Thanks to Bionic Tangfastic, Joe Siegler and Paul Ridden)

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