Torchwood – Whoniverse or Not?

Doctor Who genius Russell T Davies was recently at the Television Critics association to promote the latest series of Torchwood that’s due out this year.

The former show runner commented that he is very pleased with how the new series, under Steven Moffat’s reign is unfolding:

“Of course I love it! Steven Moffat’s most important role is to get me a DVD before that Saturday of transmission,” says Davies. “This new season it’s going to go out on BBC America on the same day, but I still want the DVD because it won’t have adverts…

“This morning before I came to Pasadena I was sitting there reading the Doctor Who Series Companion Part 2 and reading about the cut scenes from ‘The Hungry Earth’, and I thought, ‘What a fan am I?”’Can’t wait for the new series, can’t wait!”

Davies is still Executive Producer on the two Doctor Who spin off series Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures but how exactly do the three programmes connect these days? Russell remarked:

“I really don’t want to know what’s happening…I have to know some things, because I am still running The Sarah Jane Adventures, and there’s no specific crossover, but we have to make sure we’re in the same universe. For example I got a call from my agent yesterday about something in Doctor Who, that I’m not going to tell you, but it thrilled me, and I thought God that’s exciting! I have tiny moments of contact, but I don’t want too many of them because I want to sit and watch it like a kid.”

Both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor’s have appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures in the past year with only the tiniest of cameos at the end of Torchwood series one. But how embedded in the Doctor Who universe is Torchwood?

There have been cameos from Torchwood monsters in Doctor Who but never a full on meeting of the lead characters from both shows. Certainly Torchwood is a much more adult show and encouraging children to watch it is something Russell T Davies is keen to avoid.

Captain Jack has dipped in and out of the Whoniverse and Gwen and Ianto have been involved in Dalek escapades but will Torchwood ever truly align with the Doctor Who world? We’ll have to wait and see…

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What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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