Tucker Teases Experience Exhibit

Special effects designer Mike Tucker, a chap whose resume is practically drowning in involvement on both classic and modern Doctor Who, seems to be heavily engaged in preparations for the upcoming most attractive attraction of all time, The Doctor Who Experience.

At the very least, Tucker’s in on it enough to warrant an interview with SFX, where he discusses monsters, Zygons, potential childrens’ reactions, Zygons, Daleks, Ice Warriors, and Zygons.  You may hear about a Zygon or two as well.

Here’s Tucker on how all these monsters will look when we finally get to see them up close:

“What I’ve told my guys is let’s pose them dramatically, rather than having them standing there like shop window dummies.  We’ve tried to give them poses that match some of the publicity photos that we’ve been given.  We’ve posed the Ice Warrior in the classic arm-pointed-ready-with-sonic-ray.”

What about the Autons?  Will they be posed like shop window dummies?  Nah.  That’d be ridiculous.

Also, whatever you see when you line up in London on opening day may not be all there is to ‘experience.’  Tucker and the rest of the design crew haven’t ruled out making occasional additions and surprise appearances of various Who critters/robots during the expected long life of the exhibition.

“I’d be really interested in trying to create some of the things that don’t exist at all any more. A Zarbi, or a Quark. Things from the Hartnell era that are long gone. Ooh, a Mechonoid is another one. I’d love to show people how big these ’60s props were. If there‘s a suggestions box at the exhibition write ‘Mechonoid’!”

The Doctor Who Experience will be unveiled in the capital city of England, where it’ll hang around for a while before settling down in a permanent Cardiff home.

Patrick Riley


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