Unlucky Seven?

“Wot?” you say.  “These Kasterborous writers are nicking a headline off a Doctor Who Magazine from a few months back?!”

Yes, we are; funny you should notice.  And we think you’ll find it fits perfectly with what we’re about to tell you, which has nothing to do with Sylvester McCoy.

We’ll start with this look at Steven Moffat, who’s been tweeting and teasing (been using that a lot lately; maybe it should be called tweesing) again.

“7777.  Anyone figure out what I’m talking about?  [18 minutes later] Okay.  Episode 7 of the new series, is the 777th episode of Doctor Who.  There.  That passed 18 minutes, didn’t it?  Oh, and we just started shooting it.  Before the internet melts, only counting proper transmitted episodes, not scenes, or sketches. Which I WOULD count if they got me to 777.”

“Jeepers!” you cry.  “How is that even possible?  That’s a lot more than 180 characters!”

Okay, so we cheated a little and rolled four tweets into one.  But more to the point, whoda thunk?  Episode 7 is also episode 777!  Don’t tell us the Grand Moff isn’t a genius!

But wait – isn’t episode 7 of the next series the one that marks the series split?  Where there’s supposed to be a huge cliffhanger unlike any we’ve seen before?  And that brings us to the title of this article, because all those sevens may just mean some dastardly scheme will meet our Doctor and his friends.  Will Amy, Rory, and/or the Doctor soon meet certain doom?

(Possible spoiler alert)

Probably not.  Because we already know that the trio will be in Mark Gatiss’ already-filmed episode (presumably titled What Are Little Boys Made Of?), which was supposed to be Episode 4 and has now been moved to autumn.  Which means that whatever cliffhanger’s about to be thrown at us will be one that we won’t see coming!

(via Digital Spy)

Patrick Riley


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