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Literacy Earth, a blog dedicated to raising awareness for both literature and supporting local libraries in the UK, has recently opened. The threatened closure of hundreds of libraries across the country is worrying:

‘Under the provisions of the 1964 Museums and Public Libraries Act, the secretary of state Jeremy Hunt has a requirement to superintend libraries, ensuring that local authorities offer a “comprehensive and efficient” library service to their residents.’ -

Many older Doctor Who fans first encountered some classic Doctor Who adventures in their local libraries in the adaptations by Terrance Dicks, Ian Marter and others; the closure of these same establishments is extremely concerning in an atmosphere of austerity.

Please check out the survey on the LE blog, asking for your thoughts on this matter. It is important that support is gained for both the blog and official twitter page.

Literacy Earth now works in conjunction with The Little Shop Of Dickens:

What do you get at The Shop website? Links to free ‘legal’ ebooks (also includes Google Books, and Browse Inside scheme for children and teenagers), advice and online tools via Writer’s Warehouse, news and reviews, a special Charles Dickens webpage (new articles coming soon!), and a dedication to Quick Reads (being updated as I speak!). Plus more…

Both Literacy Earth and The Shop are designed to celebrate and encourage reading and writing, for all ages! Find out more at:

Please note: Contrary to the name, The Shop is not just a Dickens website. Both classic and modern literature can be found here. So please check out the shop navigation to view all content.

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