3 Sources of Fan-made Who Stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, guard your wallets – they’re about to try and make a run for it!

Searching for an early Easter gift for your loved one so the two of you can celebrate the new Who season together?  Got a Gallifreyan friend who’s birthday is coming up?  Is your birthday coming up?  Whatever may compel you to go “dorky shopping” (as K forumer bionic_tangfastic once put it), you need look no further than three online stores drowning in some of the best fan-made merchandise out there!

1. Etsy

A quick search for Doctor Who on shopping site Etsy yields 930 results, and 100% of the items I’ve seen look awesome.  From “Allons-y!” wristbands to TARDIS necklaces, Dalek cufflinks and K-9 earrings, the originality of Who decor on this site for both humans and walls is endless.  It’s like all the most creative people in the world all became Doctor Who fans at once and put up all their tantalizing products up on the same website!

Did I mention there’s a wallet whose fabric is a screencap from Victory of the Daleks?  And remember the poster from The Dalek Invasion of Earth forbidding the dumping of bodies in the river (who doesn’t?)?  That’s there too, only £6.41 plus shipping.

2. RedBubble

This site’s selection of Doctorchandise consists primarily of t-shirts.  And more t-shirts.  And even more t-shirts.  This isn’t a bad thing, however, except in the sense that, like the other two web resources listed on this page, you’ll have to make a difficult decision because there’s too much awesome to choose from!

The traditional “The Angels Have the Phone Box” tee is present in various forms, as well as R2-D2 driving a Dalek (pictured), another Dalek kicked back in a recliner watching a bit of telly, a rock concert featuring four different Doctors with Whovian instruments as musical instruments, and an infinite number of shirts that read “I ♥ ♥ Doctor Who,” “WWTDD (What Would The Doctor Do?),” and “Bad Wolf.”  And that’s all barely scratched the surface.  Click the link above to be amazed for hours.

3. Raygun Robyn

As US-based Raygun Robyn is an individual who caters to sci-fi fandom in general, her selection of Who-related items (mostly apparel) isn’t quite as broad as those of the aforementioned multi-vendor sites Etsy and Redbubble.  But it is perhaps the most unique, and it seems to be her most popular line of business.  Frankly, writing for a Doctor Who news site, and more importantly, being a man, I never would have thought I’d end up discussing style and fashion, but Raygun’s design sense is such that even a closet nerd can shamelessly wear her selection of TARDIS clothing in public.

T-shirts, hoodies, messenger bags, and specifically for the ladies, dresses and tote bags, all feature the best time machine ever floating through space with a subtle effect that renders them just plain brilliant.  Click the link up there and take a look!  Raygun also has a bit of a side market that includes customizable Torchwood ID cards, which I’ll be posting a review of later in the week.

Disclaimer: Kasterborous is not responsible for the depletion of bank accounts that may result from the viewing of this article.

(Image via RedBubble)

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