Corden Says Nothing!

In what will surely become know as a Julian Assange-sized exclusive those intrepid journalists at AOL Television have managed to track down elusive hate magnet/adequate Doctor Who guest star James Corden for a syllable or two about his return to the show.

In a sting operation clearly weeks in the making, AOL.TV‘s top reporters managed to corner James Corden on the set of A League of their Own (which he presents) and, disguising their attempt to get an exclusive as a timetabled “meet the press interview” ahead of the return of the quiz show where laughs go to die, managed to probe the very depths of Corden’s psyche.

Corden, who played “pizza, booze, telly” enthusiast Craig Owens in last season’s The Lodger finally cracked after an exhustive 10 minutes of questioning and revealed:

“I can’t wait to go back”

Cast your eyes away! Its like peering into a broken mans soul! On the ropes, Corden added:

“I’m amazed and over the moon Steven (Moffat, Doctor Who overlord) asked me back. There was a fans’ poll of the last series, and the episode, The Lodger, did really well. I’m just going back for the one episode.”

I know what you’re thinking. It’s like seeing the episode laid out before our eyes. The techniques used by these crack reporters will surely be taken to the grave with them.

In one last final flurry of interrogation about his characters presence on board the TARDIS next season, Corden broke down, dropping to his knees in a flood of tears and cried:

“I could well be, I can’t possibly say.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, this year’s Pulitzer will be spelt “A.O.L.”

(via AOL.TV)


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