Dark Dimension Animated?

A rather fascinating interview with future Hobbit wizard and former Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy has appeared at ShadowLocked, where the actor reveals some of his recent work – including reference to The Dark Dimension

For the unitiated, The Dark Dimension was to be a 30th anniversary episode of Doctor Who (originally intended as feature length although it might have been episodic) and largely centred on the Seventh and Fourth Doctors in an alternative history in which the Fourth Doctor never regenerated. Featuring a time-bending villain (to be played either by Rik Mayall or BRIAN BLESSED! depending on which source you believe), redesigned Cybermen and a new Dalek (the inspiration for Dalek Storm), The Dark Dimension would have been an interesting new direction for Doctor Who.

Thanks to the work of Philip Segal in securing the rights to make Doctor Who in the USA (the eventual TV movie starring Paul McGann) the 1993 anniversary episode was shelved, despite a fascinating script and the verbal agreement (as far as we know) of all five surviving Doctors.

So – what’s happening with The Dark Dimension now? Well according to Sylvester in this interview at ShadowLocked, controversial fan Ian Levine is:

…putting together a piece of work that didn’t get completed over the years, and I was there as The Doctor to kind of ‘Doctor Who’ them up. There are pieces that have been done too for The Brigadier and The Master that were never quite completed, so that work will make them a rounded whole. Also there’s the 30th anniversary show of Doctor Who that was never made, and we’re going to do a cartoon version of that. I was doing my role in that as well.

…there were a couple of projects that we were doing. One was actually filming to beef up a piece that’s already been done, and the other was recording voices with camera so they can do a lip-sync for the cartoon.

There are a few…Downtime – that’s one that’s got a lot of dialogue. The[inaudible] Vortex – much shorter.Search Out Space; and Destiny Of The Doctors…also some audio lines for Dark Dimension.

(bolding by us for context)

If accurate (and we have no reason to doubt Sylvester) then this represents a very exciting project that fans around the world will want to see finished. Thanks to the shelving of The Dark Dimension, loyal Doctor Who fans in 1993 were “treated” instead to “Dimensions in Time”, and had to wait another 3 years for a new episode and a total of 16 years between series.

As soon as more news about this thrilling project emerges, we’ll have it here on Kasterborous!

(Thanks to Gareth)


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