French & Varosian Revolutions!

If you haven’t already heard, 2|entertain recently added two more Doctor Who stories to their list of upcoming DVD releases: The Reign of Vengeance and Terror on Varos (or was it the other way around?).

The Reign of Terror, infamous in the Whoniverse for being a complete ripoff of The Girl in the Fireplace, saw the First Doctor and companions Ian, Barbara, and Susan travel to Revolution-era Paris and encounter such notable figures as Robespierre, Napoleon, and the sweet and cuddly female butcher Madame Guillotine, who was kind enough to chop off episodes four and five so that we can’t see them in their entire, original, live-action format.  As a result, 2|entertain promises that this DVD, like the VHS edition before it, will be mostly there but not quite:

“REIGN OF TERROR! To be released as complete as can realistically be achieved. Likely late 2012.”

Vincent’s Victory of the Vampires of Venice via Vengeance on Varos, infamous in the Whoniverse for being a complete ripoff of Bad Wolf, saw the Sixth Doctor and Peri meet that short green alien who isn’t Yoda named Sil while being watched on TV by Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley (well that’s who he reminds me of, anyway!) and a woman who simultaneously loves the Doctor and her Dystopian government.  There’s some other stuff in there as well involving deadly desert mirages, vines that promise to kill the Doctor and company instantly if touched (they would have died maybe 27 times within a two-minute segment if that were true), and Peri turning into a bird, but we won’t get into all that.  Vengeance was originally introduced to DVD technology in 2001; as such, this will be an extra-fancy “special edition.”

Here’s 2|entertain’s Dan Hall talking to Doctor Who Online about the Varos announcement:

“We have been surprised and delighted by the fan campaigns that have championed for a Special Edition release of Vengeance on Varos, and due to the good old fashioned display of fan power that Doctor Who is famous for, 2|entertain have listened and can confirm a fast commission for the release in 2012.”

If you skipped to the bottom of this article just to check the expected release date, we’ll reiterate what has already been quoted and say that both The Reign of Terror and Vengeance on Varos will be out sometime in 2012.

(via Gallifrey News Base)

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