Moff’s Kids Find Plot-holes

It really must be like a fandom soap opera round at The Grand Moff’s house, where the keeper of all things Doctor Who gets to write new episodes, read other people’s new episodes, talk about the series all day long – and berate his smarter offspring!

We’ve already seen in the past how Steven Moffat’s children seem to be as into the show as he is, but this latest example is a cracker – so much so in fact that we’ve decided to begin a new semi-regular feature called Moff-Watch, were we keep an eye on the Who-Keeper’s Twitter feed for more gems of domestic bliss.

The first concerns the Weeping Angels, notably referring to The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone two-parter from 2010…

“Dad, the Treeborgs in Angels? Like Cyborgs but trees? Cyborg is Cyberorganism, Treeborg is tree-organism. That’s a TREE.”


Brilliant, isn’t it? Steven Moffat’s kids out-smart him and spot plotholes!

Just like every family in the UK, but with added TARDIS!

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