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Unless you’ve been living in a box at the bottom of the sea with only a dwindling amount of air and a copy of Philip Roth’s The Breast for company, you would have heard that unknown fantasy writer and Dresden Doll groupie Neil Gaiman (just look on your bookshelves and DVD collection) has written an episode for Series 6 of Doctor Who- and it promises to be something quite special.

So special in fact SFX have been chatting to episode producer Marcus Wilson (Life on Mars) about just how special (and it will be special- I’d bet my Sandman bookends on it) it will actually be.

The inception of the episode was troubled by budgetary constraints but now in the flush, affulent year of 2011 the episode was ressurected, given a polish, spell-checked and printed out on the finest, whitest paper for production staff to commence and finish filming- and Marcus is quite pleased with the results:

“It’s an episode that involves quite a big sprawl, huge alien world locations and a new take on a familiar character, which required a lot of work. It’s a big episode, but I think it’ll be one the fans will love. It’s a real love letter to the fans.”

Not finished with being generally pleased Marcus also went on to praise his boss, Steven Moffat, for his work on the opening American two parter:

The way Steven’s written the script is that it’s very much the feel of an Englishman abroad – it’s the Doctor’s take on America, so it’s seen through that lens. With the script as your guide you couldn’t help but have a British reaction to the environment.

They took us to places they were taking a bit for granted, saying, ‘Oh, you’ll want to see this, you’ll want to see that,’ and we were going, ‘Wow, this is like the movies of our childhood.’ Toby was doing a location recce, saying, ‘That’s where they did Raiders Of The Lost Ark! That’s where they did The Searchers!’ There’s almost a mythic quality to some of the locations. Monument Valley was just stunning.”

Famous fantasy writers, locations recalling childhood memories burned into our retina’s for all time, a distinctly British feel- no wonder Marcus is pleased as punch with the results.

To read more of Marcus’ comments pick up SFX207, in shops on Wednesday 9 March.

(via SFX)


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