New Buyers for the Mill?

Keep bandaging your factory injuries, ladies and gentleman, but hold on tight to your worker’s compensation; the Mill is up for sale!

Though if you’ve been seriously hurt on the job by the machinery in this Mill, you must be using a particularly brutal computer.  If you’re new to Doctor Who or just have a difficult time remembering, the Mill has been responsible for all the computer-generated effects that have dazzled our eyes while watching the modern series since its premiere in 2005.  They’ve also been behind Nike’s World Cup ads in places where there’s a need for massive amounts of real football, and twenty Super Bowl commercials in places where there’s a need for massive amounts of porridge fake football.

In 2000, the Mill even scored an Oscar for the visual effects in the Best-Picture-winning Gladiator.  Of course, if you’ve been working for the Mill long enough to require workman’s compensation, you probably already knew all that.

American-based Carlyle Equity Partners has owned 60% of the Mill since 2007 and has been called the company responsible for hammering the For Sale sign onto the Mill’s front lawn.  A shortlist of at most seven bidders may include similar organizations such as Providence Equity Partners and Ascent.  All parties are currently in the midst of management presentations (yawn), and the winning company may have to dig around in its pockets for £100 million.

Carlyle initially purchased its share for £50 million, so it doesn’t seem to be a bad deal, but what do we know?  We’re Doctor Who fans, not bankers (though if you’re reading this and you are a banker, speak up in the comments and tell us if we’re wronger than a Dalek in pantyhose)!  Apparently Carlyle is trying to make this a quick process, so don’t be surprised if the Mill has a new owner in six weeks’ time.

Now that we’ve bored you to death, how will this affect Doctor Who?  We reckon it won’t; considering Carlyle bought the Mill in 2007 after the new series already boasted a couple of seasons with top marks in ratings, and noting that they’re still doing so now, we’ll predict that the Mill will be visually affecting the best show ever for many years to come!  In short, know what’s going on but don’t worry about it.

To learn more, read this article at the Independent, written in fluent Business-ese.

Patrick Riley


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