Not Gangers?!

BREAKING NEWS!  Series 6 writer Matthew Graham, the fella behind the two-parter presently known as The Rebel Flesh/Gangers, may be changing half of his story’s name!

About 15 minutes ago (at the time of writing), a tweet from Graham suggested that there may be a movement among key members of the production team to change Gangers to something else:

“Steven [Moffat] has just suggested a new title for my Ep 6.  I really like it.  Has an old school DW feel to it.”

Despite Graham’s “really liking it,” even the Grand Moff’s name for the story may not be the final identity for the episode.  Another tweet a few minutes later implied that Graham may be working with a different title of his own, or simply tweaking the executive producer’s version:

“Titles for [Doctor Who] are tougher than you’d expect.  Tricksy little things.  Maybe I should’ve started with a cool title and built a script around it.”

And, on top of all that, it’s a possibility that Mr. Moffat may be looking to change the titles of other episodes in the season as well; here’s Graham’s most recent tweet (at the time of writing and published after we started writing!) in response to Doctor Who Magazine’s Twitter feed:

“My copy [of DWM 432?] came through the door today.  Just been reading ’bout Moff looking at titles.  Which explains my new, cool Ep6 moniker.”

Titles.  Plural.  Don’t be surprised if we report more changes (perhaps an apostrophe on Demons Run?) to episode names in the near future.

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Matthew Graham’s story is currently slated to appear in the spring half of Season 32, which should be premiering any week now.

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