Revisitations 2 – Discs 1-2: The Seeds Of Death

Doctor Who: The Seeds of DeathAfter the triumph of Revisitations Set 1 comes the eagerly anticipated second volume, this time around containing the Patrick Troughton escapade The Seeds Of Death, the Jon Pertwee romp Carnival Of Monsters and Peter Davison’s dark adventure Resurrection Of The Daleks. To give the set the coverage it deserves this review will be split into three parts so let’s kick off with those sinister Lords of the Red Planet in the 6-part The Seeds Of Death.

It is the 21st Century and Earth is totally dependant on T-Mat, a revolutionary form of instant travel. When the system breaks down the Doctor and friends make a hazardous journey to the relay station on the moon only to find that it has fallen into the hands of the Ice Warriors who plan to invade Earth. Can the Doctor outwit the evil Ice Warriors and destroy a lethal fungus in time to save a dying world.

As a fan of Troughton’s tenure obviously I’m going to champion this release. But for those who have still to try his work then start here, it shows how he made the role of the Doctor his own and how he had transformed the character almost entirely from Hartnell’s version.

Wonderfully directed by Brian Hayles, it’s a serial that is as inventive as it is impressive. Shots such as the POV of the Ice Warrior at the start captures the unease and dread the story contains. OK, this wasn’t a new idea for this series, but the effect it has on the viewer is pretty impressive.

As you’d expect now the transfer of this adventure is quite stunning. The detail captured here is something to experience and the monochrome tones capture the sets, which at time are quite impressive. It does expose the limited budget such as the interior of the TARDIS and some of the effects

Extras Disc 1
Commentary – Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, director Michael Ferguson and script editor Terrance Dicks are on hand for a rather fun gag-rack. As you’d expect Hines is on top form finding fun in nearly every scene. It’s a positive and upbeat piece from people who obviously relished the time and their enthusiasm shines through.

Info Text – The usual reliable educational subtitles for the story, packed with information about the production of the story.

Coming Soon – An excellent trailer for Planet Of The Spiders, one of Pertwee’s finest adventures.

Doctor Who - Revisitations 2Extras Disc 2:
Lords Of The Red Planet – This look into the making of the story is a charming and well-mannered piece with contributions from Terrance Dicks, Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines. Richard Bignell gives us a run through of the original story and how it changed over a period of months with Dicks adding much to the finished article. Director Michael Ferguson and costume designer Bobi Bartlett also add much to the story of the, err, story.

Sssowing The Ssseedsss – Alan Bennion who played Slaar and Sonny Caldinez who was an Ice Warrior talk honestly about the production of the story from their point of view alongside costume designer Sylvia James. An audio interview from Bernard Bresslaw (who played Varga in The Ice Warriors) is also used which is an excellent addition and on the whole this is quite a gem of an extra.

Monster Masterclass – Michael Ferguson returns to let us know what its like to direct people dressed as monsters in Doctor Who. Fascinating and far too short he touches on how many departments have to team up to deliver.

Monsters Who Came Back For More! – A light and rather laboured look at some for the shows returning baddies. Nick Briggs and DWM assistant editor Peter Ware give us their views but I couldn’t help think that this is included just to fill in some disc space.

Photo Gallery – A collection of snaps from the production of the story accompanied by sound effects. One for the hardcore fans out there.

TARDIS Cam No.6 – A model vignette created for the BBC website sometime back. Why it was created I don’t know but it looks nice!

PDF Materials – Pop the DVD into you PC or MAC and oogle the Radio Times listings from when this adventure was first shown.

So even though the extras on this disc aren’t as exciting as some recent Doctor Who adventures the story itself makes it a must have purchase.

The Revisitations 2 boxset has an RRP of £39.99, but you can still order now from Amazon for just £29.93!


James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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