Steampunk TARDIS Toilet

Next time you’re in New York, be sure to check out The Way Station steampunk bar if you have the need to relieve your bladder.

Sure, most loyal citizens of the world tend to go to bars, pubs, and/or daycare centers to consume liquor, but at The Way Station you’ll probably be more keen on getting it out of your system as quickly as possible.  Why?  Just look.  Look at the picture.  See that?  That there TARDIS?  Know what that TARDIS is besides a time-and-space machine?  A loo.

Forever have worldwide suspicions of the Doctor’s vehicle being nothing more than a glorified port-a-john have now been confirmed.

Like we just said, The Way Station is a steampunk bar.  Admittedly, some people have mixed feelings about steampunk culture, so if you’re in any way intimidated whenever someone enters the room sporting a 19th century Victorian top hat and a 51st century sonic cravat, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  But there’s no denying that if you’re a Doctor Who fan at all (and if you’re reading this article, then you are), with the series’ constant travels through and mixing-up of time, you’re guaranteed to have at least some appreciation for the movement.  For examples of steampunkesque stories in Doctor Who’s recent history, re-watch The Next Doctor and A Christmas Carol.

The best part about this TARDIS lavatory, according to Way Station owner Andy Heidel?

“Doctor Who fans will be excited to find out that it is bigger on the inside.”

There you have it!  Plenty of room to… manipulate the vortex.

If you happen to be in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, check out The Way Station at 683 Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights.

(via Inside Pulse and Geeks of Doom)

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