The Eighth Doctor to Return?

Anyone listening to the first podKast (yes, with a ‘K’) will have heard the esteemed gentlemen of time Christian Cawley, Kasterborous over-lord and podcast renaissance man James McLean sharing their thoughts, good and bad, on Series 5 – which raised the point that a lot of adult drama was missing from that series.

That the Doctor had just escaped death at the hands of the deranged Time Lords one moment and then was busy being all Doctor-y the next.

It’s as if the Time War never happened.

Which brings us to a rumour circulating based partly on the absolutely fantastic trailer for season 6 and the Eighth Doctor’s recent sartorial change.

Believe it or not speculation is rife of a return for the Eighth Doctor.

Now, we’ve all been down this road before so please reach for the salt before progressing any further because there may be many Doctor Who fans after a pinch after this.

In October at a convention in New Zealand the Eighth Doctor himself Paul McGann was on hand to unveil his new costume for the Big Finish audio adventures – who had mostly relied on a picture from the 1996 TV movie. Accompanying the new look was also a BBC approved WETA Workshop model of a signature Sonic Screwdriver.

Now WETA models don’t come cheap so if it was just a prop for a new cover photo it seems alittle ostentatious – adding to the ulterior motives is McGann himself who as never a fan of the original ‘look at me i’m an English eccentric’ on the nose look of his Doctor.

By itself, there’s not much to go on, a costume change and a bit of digging on fans parts but with the release of the new trailer for Series 6 something more interesting has come up.

Doctor Who Series 6 trailer - TARDIS regenerationIf you freeze the clip at around the 37 second mark you’ll see the TARDIS mid-explosion (pictured here, right) with what appears to be Rory and Amy clinging on to each other in the foreground. Only…that’s not Matt Smith’s TARDIS at all.

It’s the “coral” desktop theme of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (well technically its all of their TARDIS’ regardless of decor).

But let’s back up a bit. Remember that moment in the trailer where a disembodied voice tells the Doctor he’s killed many Time Lords -  cool isn’t it? Anyway judging by the Doctor’s blinding response (I’m not going to type it up. Go on, watch the trailer again…you deserve it) the Time War could just be a central theme to the new series.

And which Doctor was piloting the TARDIS at the beginning of the Time War?

The Eighth Doctor.

When we first met the Ninth Doctor in 2005, he seemed to still be getting to grips with his new face (and the size of his ears) in the brief moment where he peered into the mirror (although that would seemingly have been contradicted by the photographs shown to Rose by Clive which show what appears to be the Ninth Doctor at the launch of the Titanic – unless it didn’t have a mirror onboard or any reflective surfaces?)

Now this does depend on the Time War being a central theme; it could just as easily (and more likely) be the moment the Tenth Doctor became the Eleventh Doctor with Rory and Amy having a  Back to the Future II moment. It also may offer an explanation as to why he exploded mid-regeneration destroying the interior of the TARDIS other than ‘the production team fancied a change.’

Again this is all speculation but feel free to expond your thoughts on the possible return of the Eighth Doctor to our screens…

(via Big Shiny Robot)


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