The Next Big Torchwood Death

Torchwood: Miracle Day writer John Fay has recently thrown in a few words about the hotly debated knack for main character deaths that Torchwood as a whole has featured since the self-shooting Suzie Costello in Everything Changes

“A universe in which fictional characters aren’t ‘allowed’ to die is ridiculous and limiting.  When death is a reality in a drama, the jeopardy is greater [and] the stakes are greater.  In Torchwood, anyone can die.  That’s a good thing.”

Hold on, wait, stop – hasn’t it already been made clear to us that in the next season of Torchwood, death on Earth ceases to exist?  And now, Mr. Fay, you’re telling us that anyone can die?  Which is it?!

Perhaps the conclusion to the upcoming season will see the entire population of Earth migrate to Mars (like geese to the equator or my neighbor’s dog’s lavatory to my driveway) so that they can die again like happy little decapitated swans.

As has been demonstrated in the previous three series of the Doctor Who anagram, the stakes, as John Fay rightly points out, are indeed higher with the added possibility that not everyone will make it to the end of the episode.  Judging from recent writer commentary such as the above and patterns of the past, we’re almost willing to bet money that another defeat of a popular character is imminent.  But is this “a good thing”?  Only if fan outbursts of anger aren’t as long-lasting as they were for Ianto’s demise.  For the last time – get over it, people!

Torchwood: Miracle Day can be witnessed by you on BBC One if you’re in the UK or on premium movie channel Starz if you’re in the US (and paying more than the average Yankee for TV) later this year.

(via Airlock Alpha)

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