Ultimate Regeneration – Have You Got Yours?

We’re delighted to announce that copies of Ultimate Regeneration started shipping on Friday, so if you haven’t got yours yet look out for it over the next few days as your local postal delivery agent should be dropping it off for you!

I’m not sure if “delighted” covers it, to be honest; this has been a long-term project, one that kicked off in late 2009 and has been through considerable development and editing. We’ve been through three covers, two interior layouts and various discussions on how exactly we can deliver the best quality book.

As such, “humongously thrilled” is probably closer to the truth!

We believe we have done now that – Ultimate Regeneration features contributions from Anthony Dry, Brian A Terranova, Simon Mills, Thomas Willam Spychalski, Gareth Kavanagh and others, and features essays, articles, reviews and interviews covering 5 years of Kasterborous.com. Some of these you will have seen before, while others are new.

Here’s a new snippet:

…episodes of Doctor Who since 2005 had relied on some of the highlights of the various spin-off media, notably Dalek and its similarities with the Sixth Doctor adventure Jubilee from Big Finish (both were written by Rob Shearman) and 2006’s Rise of the Cybermen, which owed a little to Marc Platt’s Spare Parts, again a Big Finish production, this time featuring the Fifth Doctor.

While the events of these adventures could conceivably occur to the same chap – particularly one who has lived for many, many years, there remains the question of Human Nature

With the pre-order copies finally being dispatched we can now announce that the book is now available to buy right here on Kasterborous for £14.99 in the UK (with and additional £2.99 p+p) and $24.99 (plus $6.99 p+p) for overseas buyers.

UK Buyers

Overseas Buyers

With a little over 100 pre-order copies dispatched, you can purchase your copy now and purchase a book that charts the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who all beautifully bound by a quality cover from Anthony Dry, whose work you might recognise from Doctor Who Magazine, the various Doctor Who DVD boxsets and this very website.

We also intend to have Ultimate Regeneration available to buy direct from Amazon in the near future – stay tuned for details on this!

*Anyone who would like to purchase Ultimate Regeneration but doesn’t want to pay by PayPal should contact me directly at [email protected] where we can discuss alternative payment options.


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