An Impossible Reaction!

Reaction to The Impossible Astronaut continues to 99% positive, with only a few rogue elements making a noise that can only be compared with “attention-seeking“.

With a show this inventive the reviewers have had to upgrade their word-weapons firing such praiseworthy mortars as The Independent‘s overview which started with a ‘bigger, bolder, better’ introduction and went on to attempt to find the significance in everything (don’t fall for that Moffat trap!):

“Showrunner Steven Moffat wanted The Impossible Astronaut and next week’s episode Day of the Moon to feel like a series finale and he has certainly achieved this. There are thrills aplenty and the questions keep coming up with more of the same to follow throughout the series.”

Speaking of Moffat, Craveonline were so impressed with the series long arc laid out in The Impossible Astronaut that they want him to write every episode (an entire season like that and The Indepedent would implode.)

The review went on to hurl garlands of praise at the cast with Alex Kingston (ER) recieving most for showing a hitherto unseen vulnerable side to River Song – and a more than welcome flirty one too:

“Most of the time, River kind of irritates me. But here she shows off a far more vulnerable side, first by grieving for the Doctor and later in her confession to Rory that she dreads the day that the Doctor won’t remember her. Those are small touches, but it gives some insight into River that we didn’t really have before. And she finally seems like something more than a potential “Mary Sue” character.”

The Belefast Telegraph, while full of praise echoed SFX’s concerns for the casual viewer, who, if they came in from the sun might think their sun addled brains had made the whole thing up out:

“While watching this I occasionally felt that little concession was being made to the casual viewer. Lots of references were being made to the events of last year and beyond which may be lost on someone not avidly following the show. Similarly I felt this episode may have been a little too complex for the younger members of the audience, with the plot moving forward by more subtle explanations than obvious ones.”

So in an attempt to be more obvious i’ll end this round-up with a cliffhanger – well a disection of the multiply cliffhangers from Zap2it – which is just as fun:

“Is Amy Pond pregnant with a human baby that she’s going to carry to term, give birth to and tote around through time and space? This is honestly the last thing I saw coming — or at least it was until she started clutching her stomach.

And, more importantly, will Matt Smith be the last man to ever play the Doctor? The series has always managed to skirt around casting and storyline dilemmas with the eternally useful time travel loophole, but this seems unavoidable. As of now, the Doctor will die, in his current form, in 2011.”

We’ll have more reviews rounded up as soon as we find them!


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