Dalek Royal Wedding?

Most of the K team will be missing the private Royal Wedding between two people we don’t know today, but you can rest assured that the Whoniverse will not sleep!

While episodes from the 2005 series will be airing throughout the day on Watch (just like they have every evening this week…) one plucky Dalek owner has decked out the most fascist of space aliens in nationalistic attire, as you can see on the right.

Luckily, as none of the Windsors have never been associated with any form of fascism of any kind, ever, then this image doesn’t feature here as a satirical dig at the German British Royal Family.

Decking out a Dalek prop in the only way that looks more British than an Ironside Dalek, bonkers Chris Balcome is clearly entering into the spirit of things, and looks set to forget the economic hard times the UK is facing thanks to people with too much money by enjoying a private wedding on TV (apparently this isn’t a state occasion; imagine the coverage if it was…) that our taxes are contributing to between two people with too much money…

Still, if  you’re a Royalist and don’t mind propping up an ancient and ridiculous institution so that people with a bit more money than you can “be in charge”, enjoy your day!

(Thanks to Joe!)


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