God Complex: “Spooky Hotel”

Digital Spy has recently posted an interview with Doctor Who writer and Being Human creator Toby Whithouse.

Toby’s Doctor Who episodes have certainly had some excellent moments in them: the return of Sarah Jane Smith in School Reunion, the Doctor bursting out of Rory’s cake in The Vampires of Venice. But this year we look forward to a darker episode from the writer with his new story The God Complex. Whithouse revealed some of the details of the episode:

“It’s set in a spooky hotel. The rooms are full of people’s nightmares. David Walliams is in it, wearing prosthetics, and playing an alien called Gibbis.”

Walliams is no stranger to the audio world of Doctor Who; he starred in the Big Finish adventures Phantasmagoria and The Mutant Phase. However this is his (frankly overdue) debut to “on screen” who. Unless you count the comedy sketch he did with Mark Gatiss for BBC Two’s Doctor Who night. Which we won’t.

The new series of Doctor Who is to be much darker in tone we’ve been told. This is something that was clear from Saturday’s first episode The Impossible Astronaut. But what about Toby’s episode? The writer revealed:

“I think that the reason this latest episode is the one I’m most pleased with is because tonally it’s much darker than ‘School Reunion’ or ‘Vampires of Venice’. That’s a tone I’m much more comfortable writing in.”

And the title itself, The God Complex, is a bit of an oddity as well, throwing out connotations of big ideas and an epic storyline, all that Whitehouse has to say about that is:

“It’s ever so clever! That’s all I can say!”

For the full interview, head to Digital Spy!

Doctor Who is now broadcasting its sixth series every Saturday. The God Complex will air later this year.


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