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Now that we’ve had the first episode of Doctor Who “released” to us for the weekend, the reviews have started pouring in.

Some reviewers are tackling the questions raised from the beginning of this two parter whereas others seem to have been left a little confused!

First up was website, which didn’t so much review the episode but rather released a few spoilers for eager beavers to pour over before the screening on Saturday evening. They raise a few interesting ideas including:

“River Song is serving time for murdering the “best man (she) ever knew”. We’ve seen a child in that space suit – is there any chance forty years later, it could be River Song herself? We know there are two Doctors in this show – could there be two Rivers too?”

Whilst a nice possibility, surely it would be a bit too early to reveal the very beginning of River’s life just yet?

The Guardian online reviewer Sam Wollaston seemed to enjoy the episode overall but was left a bit cold when it came to breaking down exactly what was happening within the story but  he did seem to identify with one of the lead characters:

“I identify with Rory more and more. We’re both frightened (this one is proper scary), in love with Amy Pond (even in jeans and a cowboy shirt), jealous of the Doctor, pleased to be there but also a bit left out, not really part of the club. I really enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. I marvel at the imagination and wit,I even get some of the jokes. It’s just that I find it increasingly hard to know what’s going on. Maybe it’s an ageing thing. I’m sure the kids are totally on top of everything. And probably less scared too.”

Finally, long time Doctor Who contributor David J Howe had a few thoughts of his own about the newest episode and it seems that he’s not entirely happy:

“First of all, the title. It’s rubbish. From what we saw, ‘Silence Falls’ would have been better, or maybe ‘Space 1969’…”

And David also isn’t too keen on the music either:

“And as usual the music was awful. Murray Gold seems to have a sledgehammer approach at times, and the choral stuff here really annoyed me.”

He finishes with:

“And so while I’m looking forward to see how this story pans out – and kudos to Steven Moffat, I have no idea at all what might be going on – I am strangely ambivalent about it all… There are too many shows out there which are unwatchable for a single episode because they are all about the backstory and not about the viewers and presenting an entertaining hour of plot and excitement.”

Whilst this may be quite a (tad) harsh review of what is, let’s not forget, the first of a two part story with more answers coming, it’s still vital to get the most honest opinions that we can and let everyone have their own personal views! More to come as we get them!


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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