OMG! They Killed Rory!

As you should have realised by now, we’re taking a look at each of our time travelling heroes to see if we can work out whether it is the Doctor, River Song, Amy or Rory who will meet their much-advertised end in The Impossible Astronaut.

Possibly the least likely of the four – heralded by Steven Moffat with the cry “We’re not lying, we’re not cheating. One of those four people is going to die. The Doctor’s darkest hour is coming,” – is Rory Pond, a man quite happy to take his wife’s name following marriage.

But hang on, haven’t we been here before?

Didn’t Rory die last year? Twice?

That’s right, he did.

Thanks to the bizarre dream world of Amy’s Choice and the machinations of the enigmatic Dream Lord, Rory sadly came a cropper in front of Amy. Only of course it was a dream (or was it…?)

Add to that insult the fact that he was then slain by a Silurian in Cold Blood and then resurrected as an Auton replicant with Rory’s memories, the poor Mr Pond has been killed more times than South Park’s Kenny (well not quite, but it seems like it).

So surely he won’t die this time around…

…or is that what The Grand Moff just wants us to think, eh?

He’s a fiendish chap that Steven Moffat, creating monstrous enemies that move when you have your eyes closed, that manipulate recording and communication devices, with some mad timey-wimey element thrown in to play with your head while you’re trying to work out how the Doctor can overcome this particular challenge.

As we don’t yet know how this death is going to occur within the narrative, if The Impossible Astronaut features any non-linear elements (either within it and the second part, Day of the Moon or within the season as a whole) we’re pretty much left to speculate.

However if Rory is set to meet yet another sticky end, then there is bound to be a lot of chatter about this after the event. After all, without an interesting undoing of his death (at which point one begins to wonder if death has lost its meaning in the Whoniverse) Rory is still appearing in later episodes of the series, unless Steven Moffat paid Arthur Darvill to hang around on set for 9 months.

Nice work if you can get it…


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