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With the continuing excellent sales of Doctor Who Adventures, which has collected a circulation of nearly 57,000 readers as of the second half of 2010, BBC Magazines recently announced the upcoming release of a new fortnightly partwork series featuring a magazine, trading cards, and other collectable fun stuff.

Doctor Who: Monster Invasion, aimed at 8-12 year olds across the UK, will be made available around the same time that the new series of Doctor Who premieres.  The first issue, at a discounted price of £1.50 (successive installments will be £2.60), comes with two packs of “monster” trading cards, a fold-out “alien slamdown” poster, and one-third of an interesting-sounding giant poster.  Issues two and three include an additional pack of cards each, two parts of a TARDIS storage box, and the rest of that giant poster.

Subscribers will get all of that plus a series of gifts included throughout their first five issues.  In order, they are: four packs of monster cards, a Doctor Who magazine box file and a monster card “swaps box”, a Doctor Who “Battle Pack” of monsters (which appears to be similar to those little green plastic toy soldiers as seen in Toy Story, except in the form of Daleks, Cybermen, and Sontarans, and they’re not green), a squirtable sonic screwdriver, and a Doctor Who rucksack (great for university students!)

Extra packs of the monster cards (who needs Pokémon?) will also find their way to the shops.

Ceri Murray, Head of Partworks at BBC Magazines:

“There is a huge appetite among the pre-teen audience for the Doctor Who brand, as demonstrated by the success of our weekly Doctor Who Adventures magazine. Building on the success of Top Gear Turbo Challenge – our first ever partwork – Doctor Who: Monster Invasion gives fans the chance to learn more about the monsters from their favourite show through ‘collectables’, which are hugely popular with this age group.”

Doctor Who: Monster Invasion will set foot in retail stores in early May.  Visit their website at

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