PodKast Hits iTunes!

iTunes users will be delighted to know that the Kasterborous podKast has finally hit the popular online music store, where it now sites proudly alongside other Doctor Who podcasts!

If you’re been away from the site for a few weeks, you probably don’t know that we’ve relaunched the old Kasterborous podKasts, keeping plenty of humour but featuring instead some interviews and discussion of the previous week’s news.

Joining Christian Cawley for these new podKasts is James McLean, a long-term fan of Doctor Who and a man who knows what he does and doesn’t like. We’ve had some very interesting chats during the course of these new podKasts, which have so far featured discussions about the recent teaser trailer and an interview with Hayden Black, creator Goodnight Burbank who is also a Doctor Who fan. (Incidentally, Goodnight Burbank features a guest appearance from one John Barrowman…)

Along with these brand new podKasts – which will continue on a weekly basis – we’ve also got the “classic” Kasterborous podKasts featuring Christian Cawley and Brian A. Terranova (who we hope will be able to join us on the new podKasts at some point).

These are more off-the-wall and idiosyncratic audio events, featuring such gems as:

  • An interview with the Master
  • The discovery that Russell T Davies’ rights-dodging Dalek substitute in 2005 was none other than Orson the Ork
  • The man who denies Daleks can fly
  • An interview with Mr Norman
  • Gerald Slitheen, the Kasterborous butler
  • An interview with Omega/Eldrad

All of these events and more can now be heard on iTunes – view the full list of available podKasts here, or head to our podKast feed to subscribe!


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