Scream for The Silence

We all like lists. Lists make sense of the senseless, impose boundaries on our geek filled love and give us a chance to praise those esoteric sections of Doctor Who that would probably pass others by – it’s like a nerdy Pay it Forward system.

When it comes to monsters everyone has their favourites: Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Zygons, Sontarans and the peerless Weeping Angels – only now there’s something else creeping to the summit of your geek lists. Something that’s been here for a long time, and which we’ll see for the first time in The Impossible Astronaut.

Hold your breath, don’t get cornered and prey that it didn’t see you; The Silence has you now.

I for one would like to welcome our new overlords and so too would the Daily Mail, who’ve complied a lowdown on the mysterious suited creatures.

In a way they tie into all our preconceptions of what an alien would look like, the grey bulbous heads, the shadowy ‘there already here!” paranoia and the classic G man suits all suggest previous attempts to categorise Area 51’s finest.

Steven Moffat, the creator of The Silence, drew his inspiration from these and another classical source:

“Humans will have been subconsciously aware of The Silence for many centuries and that awareness will have manifested itself in paintings such as The Scream.”

Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting of despair was like Van Gogh’s work in Vincent and the Doctor a warning from art history (it seems all artists do in Moffat’s universe is warn everyone of impending doom.)

Munch may claim to have been the first human to lay his Norwegian eyes on The Silence but Matt Smith can’t wait for all of us to see them:

“They are pretty repulsive, but it’s their history that will really chill people. They could turn up anywhere and everywhere, and they’ve been undermining and controlling us for thousands of years but we don’t realise it

And yet, here they are — for the very first time — made flesh in front of our eyes.”


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