Series 32 US Digital Availability Info!

The United States, who in the past had to wait awhile for their (legal) fix of new Doctor Who has been playing catch up lately.  Used to be back in the 80’s the US would have to wait upwards of TWO YEARS to get new episodes on the local telly (The Five Doctors notwithstanding).

This certainly is not the case with the modern series.

The gap has been narrowing in recent episodes, and Series 32 (nee 6) as is well known by now “same day”.  BBC America in the US will carry the episodes on the same calendar day as they aired in the UK.  I say calendar day, because when it airs in the US, the date will have passed into Sunday in the UK.  🙂

Anyway, that issue aside, it appears that & iTunes are getting into the game finally in the US.  Both places offer TV episode purchases, either individually, or via “Season Passes”.  As it stands right now, iTunes has “Season 6, Pt 1” up for a Season Pass price of $19.99 for High Definition, and $12.99 for Standard Definition. also has it up for “season pass” pre-ordering as well in both SD & HD, but their prices are not listed.  One would imagine it would be comparable to iTunes, if not exactly the same.

Both & iTunes also have the “Prequel” video to Episode 1 available, as well as the first three “Season 6 Insider” videos to go along with the season passes.  These four videos, are however, free to download for anyone – you don’t have to buy the season pass to get these particular videos.

One huge bonus to’s purchase for this new series could be their “Amazon Prime Instant Videos” service.  A short time ago, made available to their Prime members a free streaming service, similar to Netflix.  You can read more about their Instant Video service here.  Right now, every episode of the modern series is available for streaming via the Prime Streaming service (along with a handful of classic series episodes).  It’s unknown when the new 2011 series will appear there for free Prime streaming, but one would hope it would be instant.  I will try and find out for sure, and update again later when I get that news.

Either way, it appears that the US online video market has caught up with Doctor Who as well as BBC America!


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