“Shocking Twists” in Day of the Moon!

Some people in the world have seen Day of the Moon already – and as a result they’re able to taunt us with “spoiler-free” teasers from the conclusion to The Impossible Astronaut.

One major culprit is Digital Spy, who with their clever list of ten teasers tell us so much, but leave us knowing so little. We’ve had a browse through some of their hints and made a few suggestions as to what this might all mean…

“You’re building me the perfect ****** and it still won’t be enough!” Could this be a TARDIS? As we’ve already seen in The Impossible Astronaut, the apparent TARDIS from The Lodger is present in this story… so just what are The Silence up to?

The TARDIS swimming pool plays a vital role in a daring escape attempt. Could the Doctor’s “draw them into the TARDIS” ploy from The Invasion of Time be called upon to defeat the Silence? Will we finally see the interior of the new machine beyond the control room?

At least one of the shocking twists from last week’s episode is called into question, but who can the Doctor really trust? This could be Amy’s pregnancy or the Doctor’s apparent death. Who can the Doctor trust? Probably himself…

The Doctor has a new experience, while River does something for the very last time. Our thoughts on this one are a little vague; it might be the last time River sees the Eleventh Doctor, for instance, before travelling to The Library…

The final scene contains an absolutely shocking twist. Does this mean that the serial is the beginning of a massive series arc? Or perhaps the end of one…?

As always, these types of hint ask more questions than they answer. All of our responses are nothing more than speculation, so if you have any thoughts of your own, let us know in the comments below!


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