Teasing Black Spots

As you grow up, you find that bodily changes can lead to a deepening voice, hair on your chest (or if you’re a girl, another kind of chest development) and, of course, greasier skin, which in turn leads to black spots.

You might opt to squeeze these or treat them with some form of lotion; none of this, however, is what the headline above refers to.

Rather, this Saturday on the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website, a prequel for The Curse of the Black Spot will be unveiled, much like the “no monsters in the Oval Office” clip that was released for The Impossible Astronaut.

To celebrate the release of a prequel to the next Doctor Who Series 6 episode, the BBC have released a teaser to the prequel for the next episode, featuring Hugh Bonneville.

If any of this sounds confusing or feel that Doctor Who will eat itself, don’t blame us, just click play and watch it and then take your complaints elsewhere…

Curse of the Black Spot itself airs on Saturday, May 7th, and we’ll have a full prequel on Sunday.


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