The Amy’s Not For Turning!

If there’s one girl who won’t be changed by a man (or a 900 year-old alien that looks like a man) then it is Amy Pond. Karen Gillan has told the Daily Express that there will be no washing of dishes, no hoovering for everyone’s favourite ginger; she’s not changing for anybody!

“If anything, she’s even more Amy Pond-ish!” Karen says with a laugh. “It wouldn’t work for Amy to change completely now that she’s a married woman and I certainly don’t think she ought to become a subdued version of herself.

I do think being married has helped to define the relationship between the Doctor and Amy more clearly and I can reveal that there’s something in the new series which makes Amy see Rory in a new light.”

The golden couple were always part of  Moffat’s grand plan to change the familiar Doctor/Companion relationship onboard the TARDIS:

He said:

“Previously, the Doctor always got his companions when they were young and was careful to put them back where he found them before he messed up their lives but here he is with a married couple on board and as much as he loves them both he does wonder if it isn’t time he got out of the way before something bad happens.”

Speaking of Moffat’s grand plans, Gillan was even given a dummy copy of the ‘game changing cliffhanger’ conclusion to episode seven, A Good Man Goes to War:

it was only at the read-through that Steven Moffat took me, Matt and Arthur into the corridor to read the proper version on his laptop. We then all paced around going: ‘Oh my God!’

“There’s a really interesting plot arc in this series that involves all of the major characters and it’s evident from the first episode that everyone on the Tardis is withholding secrets from one another. It will make for a fascinating dynamic between the characters and it’s really important to the whole series.”

Doctor Who returns with The Impossible Astronaut this Saturday at 6pm on BBC One and BBC One HD in the UK and BBC America in the States.

(via The Daily Express)


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