The Pen is Mightier Than the Sonic

Have you ever written a Doctor Who story? Wished it could have been made into a TV episode, or perhaps an audio drama or book?

More to the point, have you been trying for many, many years?

Matt Smith hasn’t, but he would revealed to SFX magazine that he would like to…

“I’d quite like to write a script one day, because I’m learning a lot from Steven [Moffat].”

“You’ve got to be really good to write a Doctor Who script, so it’s a long way off, but one day.”

Naturally this news recalls the fact that Matt has a habit of writing about the characters he plays in order to get a better understanding of them; he’s done it with the Doctor, and also apparently did this with Christopher Isherwood who he so excellently portrayed in Christopher and His Kind.

However there may be some way for him to go if he’s ever going to gethis work on screen. Matt doesn’t like to share his work!

“I’ve got to get over that, if I want to be a writer.”


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