Who’s on the Radio Times Cover?

This week’s Radio Times which goes on sale today, Tuesday 12th April, has an exclusive preview of the new season of Doctor Who and includes an interview with Matt Smith as well as Steven Moffat’s exclusive episode guide to the thrill-packed new series!

Beyond these details we know very little right now, but one thing that is interesting is how the show is being promoted with the issue of the Radio Times from the week before Series 6 begins.

The issue of the Radio Times you see on the right (featuring Karen Gillan and Matt Smith as Amy Pond and the Doctor) features the date in the top right-hand corner: 16-22 April 2011.

Yet as we all know, Doctor Who begins on April 23rd (on both BBC One and BBC America). So what is going on here? Why is Radio Times giving Doctor Who cover space the week before it’s on TV? Have they moved The Impossible Astronaut forward a week?

Sadly, no.

Rather than being an interesting promotional plan as we initially suspected, it seems likely that the true cause is the Royal Wedding of Prince William and his distant cousin a commoner known as Kate Middleton, which takes place on April 29th (and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the last you’ll hear of it from us).

Still, nice to see Matt, Karen and A.N. Other on the cover!

(Thanks to Neelam)


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