Doctor WHOse Line is it Anyway?

Did you know that the Orlando Fringe Festival is taking place right now?  I sure didn’t, but perhaps if you live in Orlando, Florida, you’re very well aware that it’s happening.

So why not go check out the Whovian improv show taking place as part of the festival this weekend?  Combining the names of two of TV’s all-time great shows, Doctor WHOse Line is it Anyway? showcases the talent of what is apparently a large cast in a “cramped” venue (getting the TARDIS bigger-on-the-inside vibe, then).  Each instance of the show is an original fan-picked and fan-made story that has never been told before and will never be told again; just like in Whose Line is it Anyway, character traits and villains are selected by the audience.

Here’s the Orlando Sentinel’s Tod Caviness giving an account of what happened the day he saw the performance:

“In the show I saw, it was the Weeping Angels, a race of statue-like beings who can only move when they’re unseen – a gimmick that’s perfect improv fodder.  (Adam Scharf made good use of his status as the only member of the cast who had not seen the show when he described the Angels as ‘the opposite of Medusa.’)”

See?  See that?  That there is what you call “funny”!

To sum it up, it’s a half-hour-long completely-made-up sketch about Doctor Who, with one cast member who hasn’t even seen the show, for only $5.  Who wouldn’t want to see that?!  If you’re in Orlando, go, go, GO!

Oh, you probably want times and locations… There are three shows left; one this Friday at 10:20 PM, one on Saturday at 5:20 PM, and one on Sunday at 1:40 PM.  The festival itself runs until Monday.  For more information visit the Orlando Fringe website.

Patrick Riley


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