Hardwick Hooks the Beeb

The Craig Ferguson/Chris Hardwick Whoniverse saga that’s taken place over the past year has been an interesting one to follow.

It all started when Hardwick, the main man behind the smash hit that is the Nerdist Podcast, was invited onto Ferguson’s Late Late Show last summer, and the pair somewhat unexpectedly started geeking out over a certain timey-wimey madman with a box. Hardwick then invited Matt Smith onto his podcast, which was soon followed by a simultaneous appearance of both Smith and Hardwick on Ferguson’s show, a report by Hardwick from this year’s Gallifrey One convention that also popped up on The Late Late Show, and even an amusing video exchange between the TARDIS acting trio and Hardwick which you should definitely check out if you haven’t seen it.

At last it seems we have come to the culmination (and likely continuation) of all this madness, as it has now been announced that Hardwick is being converted into a TV host on BBC America! While this news may not be directly related to Doctor Who, it’s doubtless that our favorite show is largely responsible for this next step in Hardwick’s career, and the man admitted as much himself to The Hollywood Reporter

“I think this all came about because for the last 14 months, I have not shut up about Doctor Who. [Laughs] I actually hired a specific Doctor Who blogger for Nerdist.com. It turned out that Devin Johnson, who works for BBC, I had sort of casually thrown out last May, ‘Hey, I sure would love to get the new Doctor, Matt Smith, on my podcast,’ and he wrote back pretty quickly and said, ‘I will do my best to make that happen.’ And he actually made it happen.

“Then Craig Ferguson – who is a fellow Doctor Who-phile – asked me if I wanted to come on the episode that he had Matt Smith on of his show and it was one Who-related thing after another. [BBC America] said, ‘What do you want to do?’ I said, ‘Well, I have this podcast, it’d be fun to make a TV show out of it.’ They said, ‘We have this Ministry of Laughs thing, what if we mashed them all together?’ I said, ‘I like the way you think, BBC America!’ It is probably the best thing that’s come out of rampant fanaticism, for being a superfan.”

For our readers whose televisions can’t pick up BBC America, or who just aren’t aware, Ministry of Laughs is the network’s new two-hour scheduling “zone” placing comedy programming like The Inbetweeners and Come Fly With Me in one place with intro and bridge sequences from Hardwick. For our readers who are in BBC America territory, Ministry of Laughs premieres on Saturday, June 18th at 10 PM ET/PT, or 9 PM Central/Mountain.

On the offchance that Chris Hardwick is a Kasterborous reader and is therefore looking at this sentence, we wish him all the best on his new gig!

Patrick Riley


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