Idris Intrigues the Doctor…

This Saturday sees the next episode in the current run of Doctor Who, The Doctor’s Wife, air on BBC One. With such a blatant title (or as Steven Moffat likes to call it, a slutty title) can we be expecting anything but the Doctor coming face to face with his missus?

We’re already trying to figure out who the hell River Song is so do we really need another mystery woman in the Doctor’s life? The answer is obviously yes and anyway, when have things in the world of Doctor Who ever been that simple?

In the upcoming episode you’ll see Suranne Jones playing the titular Idris; you may remember her from playing Mona Lisa in The Sarah Jane Adventures or even as Steve McDonald’s wife in Coronation Street. Suranne gave away a few interesting bits of information about The Doctor’s Wife in a recent interview with What’s on TV, in which she discussed the Doctor’s intriguing reaction to Idris.

“She is intriguing to him [the Doctor] for lots of reasons because of things she says and the way that she is acting. When you meet her she is about to die and then she doesn’t, she just goes really bonkers instead. She says lots of things that she doesn’t understand and she doesn’t really know why she is saying them, so she is not quite making sense to herself let alone anyone else.”

Could it be that she has a regeneration failure? Is she even playing the role of a surviving Time Lord at all? Jones’ cryptic clues keep on coming when asked if she would like to return to Doctor Who:

“I said to Matt [Smith], ‘Can you just keep mentioning that I would like to come back at some point?’ I don’t think I can, but who knows? You can do anything in Doctor Who and if there was a chance to come back in the future I would love to.

So, the character of Idris is about to die and then doesn’t. Suranne don’t think that she can come back and yet it may be a possibility.

Does this remind anyone of a 2007 story called Utopia and another rogue Time Lord’s story? Trapped in the back of beyond before the Doctor turns up? Roll on an exciting Saturday!

The Doctor’s Wife is on Saturday 14th May on BBC One and BBC One HD.


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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