Jack Gets His Doctor

We’ve been aware for a while now that Captain Jack Harkness, like many TARDIS companions before and after him, has a slight case of unrequited love for everyone’s favourite time-travelling madman, but has never and more than likely will never have the Doctor all to himself.

While many a Davies fan yearning for another Time-Lord-and-human romance might be dismayed by this knowledge, we can all take comfort in the fact that Jack actor (Jacktor?) John Barrowman will be awarded a Doctor all to himself!

The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama will present Barrowman with a Doctor of Drama at its graduation ceremony this summer.  So no, he still won’t be getting a clever alien, but at least he’s got a shiny new addition to his resume!  Receiving the same honour alongside John will be actor/writer/producer David MacLennan, while singers Moira Anderson and Judith Howarth will each be given a Doctor of Music.

We would just like to congratulate the oft-seen John Barrowman for this honour, and wish him well.

The July 5th ceremony comes three days before the July 8th American premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz.  The UK broadcast date on BBC One is still unconfirmed.

Only three more episodes of Doctor Who (not to mention a massive cliffhanger we’ll have to recover from) to go before we’re thrown into full-on Torchwood-Anticipation Mode.  Are you ready to be immortal?

(via BBC News)

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