Karen Gillan: Model Companion

Karen Gillan recently talked with Stylist.co.uk and was asked a variety of questions about Doctor Who,  fame and fashion, including how she feels being more well known in sci-si circles.

It doesn’t seem there is much that bothers Karen about her new found fame, but she does tell of one admirer who seems to want to keep in touch.

“They’re very passionate and dedicated and literally know every line from every episode and every detail about your character. I’ve never had any inappropriate fans though. People ask me a lot about men making advances but I swear, no [one ever does does].”

“I’ve been getting postcards from one guy for a while now. He seems to be travelling around the UK and sends me a card from every place he visits. It’s actually become quite normal to have this conversation written on a postcard now, like ‘Hey Karen. How are you doing?'”

Karen will soon be playing model Jeam Shirmpton in a new BBC Four biopic, We Take Manhattan.

“This felt right because it’s such a departure from Doctor Who. It’s about a love affair and these two people misbehaving.

“I’ve been trying to watch footage of Jean Shrimpton but it’s so rare – she wasn’t really interested in fame so there’s hardly anything where she’s talking. She was a huge icon though – way out there before Twiggy. My boyfriend has been showing me David Bailey’s pictures and I’m reading her autobiography. She wrote it late in life and she’s quite honest in it.”

Karen was a model herself before breaking into acting, but she seems reluctant to go back to that world…

“Modelling isn’t something I ever intended on doing – it just kind of happened when I moved to London. I went to the Italia Conti stage school for a few months then dropped out because I got a job on Rebus. When that finished I started working in a pub in Kennington, south London, and went ‘Oh my god, what have I done?’ Then I was scouted in the street and started modelling – it was a better way to make money.”

(Via Stylist.co.uk)


Tom has been a Doctor Who fan since the early eighties and has developed a deep love and admiration for the show and its universe in that time.

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