Le Moffat dans la France

French Whovians recently received an extremely pleasant surprise when it was announced that Steven Moffat, head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who in its current form, will be paying a visit to la ville d’amour, otherwise known as Paris, in just over a month’s time.

The Grand Moff is to hold the prestigious title of Guest of Honour at Comic Con Paris’ third-ever convention of its name (Season 3, as the French call it), which takes place between June 30th and July 3rd at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. That’s pretty much the extent of the details that we’ve been made aware of on the matter, though there’s a high probability that more information will become available within the next couple of weeks or so.

So you’re French and/or in France and you know enough English to understand this post… What can you do to make Mr. Moffat feel welcome in your home country? Aside from groveling at his feet and shouting your love for Doctor Who and Sherlock into his ear, you can serve him a glass of your locale’s finest wine. According to Karen Gillan in last year’s Doctor Who Magazine 423, the man loves the stuff:

“Moffat is quite the wine buff I find out. But I was more surprised by the fact that Steven Moffat loves sushi.”

Sushi! Remember that, French people. Moff. Loves. Sushi. So to blend some of your own Parisian culture in there as well, feel free to throw a slab of raw fish in between two slices of your most delicious loaf of elongated bread. He’ll feel right at home!

Read the report for yourself at the English version of the Paris Comic Con website, or have a look at the all-French Beans on Toast forum, where an army of overjoyed French people have spilled their gleeful reactions, and thrown in a couple of happy English curse words for good measure!

(Many thanks to an understandably excited Aurélie Demonchaux!)

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