Listings Synopses Hold Spoilers!

Ok, so we’ve had some enjoyment poking fun at spoilerphiles, but really, you lot need to be steering well clear of TV, newspapers and even listings magazines for the next 7 days (longer for North America) if you want to stay completely spoiler-free in advance of A Good Man Goes to War.

Steven Moffat has clearly built up this series of Doctor Who into an impressive beast of multiple plot threads, most of which have been in plain sight without us even knowing, so even the slightest hint of facts could unlock the answers in your mind.

After all, this is a mid-season finale with a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until later this year. That means big, bad, crazy things that you don’t want to know, such as this snippet from the Sunday Times Culture supplement.

Before we go on: my old man and I occasionally play a fun game with the Sunday Times listings in the Culture magazine, called “Guess the Movie”, in which my Dad reads out an extremely vague plot summary from aforementioned publication, and I have to guess the movie. An example might be “A young orphan dreams of leaving his uncle’s farm,” which you might find as the complete description of Star Wars.

Such vagueness did not occur in their summary for A Good Man Goes to War, however, which is why you will need click the little plus symbol below to find the small secrets that they share.

Sunday Times Synopsis for <em>A Good Man Goes to War</em>

Amy now has a baby, but she and Melody are held captive in the season finale by panto-style villainess Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber). So the Doctor recruits a posse for a battle River Song calls his “darkest hour”. There are bewildering moments, but plenty of fun, too and an arresting denouement.


Remember, professional listings magazines have preview discs, too, so watch out for any screengrabs and spoilerific facts laced into interviews – in fact, stay away from newsagents, TV and the world wide web until the episode ends!

(With thanks to DaveC)


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