Lucie Miller

It has been a long run in the fourth season of the Eighth Doctor’s audio run, but this thrilling story line is starting to come to an end. In Lucie Miller, we hear the eponymous companion, still on Alex’s late 2190 era Earth, calling out to the Doctor for help.

Lucie explains of the bad that’s happened since she left the Doctor, and it is bad. An unknown virus attacks the planets and the Daleks have returned to earth. Things are bad and the one man who could help is nowhere to be seen.

Lucie Miller has a similar feel of recent Tennant-era episodes Blink, or more accurately Turn Left. It is a Doctor-lite episode that focuses on the Doctor’s family and how resourceful they have become without him. Doctor-lite episode are often hit or miss, Blink was amazing, Turn Left wasn’t bad, but Love & Monsters was, for me, boring and dull. Luckily this episode feels more like Turn Left.

We listen as Lucie tells us what has happened since the three of them parted ways with the Doctor on Christmas. For Lucie and Alex it has been almost three years, and they haven’t been pleasant. Lucie’s story is dark and chilling as she speaks of her disabled legs and eyes, and aftermath of the sickness, the Daleks attacks, and the last hope for humanity as they decided to fight back. Armed with nuclear subs the human, under the leadership of Alex, decide to fight back against the alien menace.

Lucie Miller is a slower paced adventure, the action being replaced by the dark and hopelessness of the situation, but this is part one of two, and this is setting up for the stunning conclusion. Praise is deserved for Carol Ann Ford. She is playing a woman who suffered through a Dalek invasion once and now her nightmares have returned again. She is clinging to her Grandfather’s return even when all others say he’s not coming.

What should be noticed is how tightly knit this season has been. Unlike the previous three seasons, every episode is important. In Lucie Miller, every major cast member of the season makes an appearance: Tamsin Drew, Lucie Miller, The Monk, Susan Foreman, Alex Campbell and of course The Doctor, and each is there because of what happened in previous episodes. Tamsin still travels with The Monk, but her resolve is beginning to falter, Alex was traveling with Lucie, and the Doctor is still alone and not enjoying it.

So this is a darker adventure then most, a sense of hopelessness fills the entire air, and when the Doctor finally shows up to save the day it suddenly seems like things just got worse. If you have been following the season then I don’t have to say ‘you won’t want to miss it,’ but for those who haven’t this is the beginning of the end for what could easily be called BFA best audio season yet.

Starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith and written by Nick Briggs, you can purchase Lucie Miller from Big Finish on CD and MP3.


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