McCoy and the Minister

As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, The Minister of Chance has returned with an all new audio Doctor Who spinoff that could potentially be a full series, starring Julian Wadham as the Minister and featuring both Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy in roles that aren’t an incarnation of the Doctor.

For McCoy, part of the drama’s appeal is its funding by and therefore closeness to Whovians:

“I thought it was a wonderful adventure, breaking new ground. Something very new. It’s getting rid of lots of middle men, and it gets you closer to the fans. They can fund it, by listening to it. That seems to me wonderful, not just for drama, but for other things. It’s a great experiment, and I hope it works!”

The Minister of Chance, if you’ve never heard of him, is a Time Lord who originally appeared in Death Comes to Time , a webcast from 2001/2, whose first portrayed incarnation was performed by Stephen Fry.  Death also starred Sylvester, who this time actually was playing the Seventh Doctor.  Here he recalls hearing it for the first time:

“When Dan [Freedman, director/producer of the original webcast] sent me the CD for Death Comes To Time, there’s a friend of mine, an actor called Dave Hill, who was also in it. We decided to listen to it together, and I put it into my CD player, and I pressed the button.  And we listened to it for an hour, and couldn’t make head nor tail of it.  All over the place.  We said we suppose this is avant garde, really breaking new ground.  And we hoped that after ten minutes or so, it would make some sense.  But it didn’t.

So I was on the phone to Dan, and I said to him ‘we can’t make head nor tail of this,’ while standing next to my CD player.  And I suddenly noticed that there was a button that said ‘Random’, and it played any old thing.  And I’d pressed that!  Eventually we discovered there was another button that put it out in the right order!  It shows how advanced I am!”

It seems the first couple of episodes of The Minister of chance might be all we’re going to see of ol’ Sly, as he’s already recorded all of the episodes he knows he’ll be in, for now…

“Because I’m going off to do [Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit], and I didn’t know what the dates were, they’ve done it so they can write me in or out of it.”

Interesting… sounds like he’s being both written out and not written out at the same time!

You can hear the prologue to The Minister of Chance for free and Episode 1, The Broken World, for only £1.49, which ain’t a bad bargain, at the production’s website.  And if you have a good bit of time on your hands, you can read the long-yet-superb interview with McCoy that the above quotes were sourced from at Den of Geek, where the Seventh Doctor actor also discusses his time on Doctor Who and his future with The Hobbit!

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